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Home Inspections

0000-1500 square feet$299

1500-2000 square feet$399

2000-2500 square feet$499

2500-3000 square feet$599

3000-4000 square feet$699

4000-5000 square feet$799

                *trip charge applies when home is outside of Manatee/Sarasota area.


Add a Service= $100

Four point insurance required inspection 

Wind Mitigation insurance required inspection

Insurance inspections by themselves are $199 each


We take pride in the thorough inspection of your home and want to protect the privacy of your inspection. All Inspection reports are sent to the purchaser of inspection.

Reports are emailed to purchasers selected email address and can be accessed by the purchaser to be sent to anyone the purchaser chooses. The report will have photos and detailed recommendations listed so you will be better prepared with the safety and function of the home. Four point and wind mitigation inspections are documents and photos that insurance companies sometimes need when purchasing or refinancing a home. Please contact your lender/insurance company to find out if these are needed so you can be prepared when purchasing your inspection.